Becoming an Evolutionary Ambassador

I am currently enrolled in the first cohort of the Evolutionary Ambassador Academy with 89-year old Barbara Marx Hubbard, a hero I have long admired. I read her book, Conscious Evolution: Awakening to Our Social Potential back in 2003 and it stirred in me my own evolutionary impulse, which has grown stronger and more clear.

“I AM the tip of the tipping point. YOU are the tip of the tipping point… In fact, there’s nowhere else we could be.” ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

As I write this, I am uncertain as to whether my beloved teacher is still in this realm or the next. Our group has been meeting each Thursday evening since February 14, 2019. Last Thursday, April 4th, Barbara joined us via Zoom from her hospital bed. She had been admitted for some trouble with her knee, which evidently escalated into something more serious.

At 89 years old, she is a force of nature and the role model I aspire to, in that I never want to ‘retire’ — I want to keep adjusting my work to doing only that which I love and what I truly feel led to do. To that end, Barbara’s recent health crisis has called my own choices into question. I will turn 53 in a few months. While I still feel youthful on my good days, I am becoming more aware that everyone has an ‘expiration date’ and that as an evolutionary ambassador, I have vital work to do.

To that end, I let one of my part-time engagements know yesterday that we would be parting ways. While I love the mission of their local nonprofit, they were not prepared to utilize the gifts I have acquired and that was not longer bearable for me. I am bursting forth with the desire to co-create with my evolutionary ambassador peers. I am trusting the universe that I have made the right decision.

In my heart, I know that I have. I am doing this not ‘for’ Barbara, but because she helped awaken my ‘YES!’ and it will no longer be delayed or quieted.

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